Weddings can be so expensive…and so ‘cookie cutter’. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, if that’s how you would like yours to be.

For our wedding though, we are after some personal, different touches that’ll make it ours.

The Man has been the deciding factor on colours and dress code, and I couldn’t have been happier, until it came down to getting inspiration for different decorating options. Pinterest & Facebook are currently swamped with vintage, rustic or beachy, chillaxed decorations. Which would be awesome if ours fitted in there somewhere. But nope, we’re full on Black Tie Formal with strong, classic colours. It’s been a blast finding, or tweaking, inpsirational pictures or tutorials to suit. But the end result will be worth it.

With the projects I have tweaked to suit, I’m over the moon with the results thus far. With just under seven months to go, I do sometimes have a minor anxiety attack about it all fitting in and looking right. But according to the many support groups online for other Brides I’m totally normal for a change. Right down to the bizarre, tripped out nightmares that started a few months ago.

I’m thankful though, as our wedding has certainly awoken my DIY Diva. And that’s a good thing!!

Our kitchen/dining area has been overtaken with a mixture of fabrics, papers, embellishments, glitter, glitter and a touch more glitter, cursing and swearing while the hot glue gun and I declare an end to our peace talks, pins, scissors and glue, lots and lots of glue. If anyone wanted to use the dining table for it’s actual purpose I’d have a mini meltdown!

Our spare/guest room is now divided into two sections…guest area for sleeping and wedding/storage. Guess which section is the larger of the two?? hehehehehehe

But it is an organised chaos…honest!

I have my To Do list on the fridge, with different tasks broken down to timelines and deadlines. It’s a great feeling to be able to tick another project off the list. It really, really is…that is until I realise I need more storage tubs to store the latest project in.

Now, I’m not following in my cousin’s footsteps…for her very recent wedding she unleashed her own DIY Diva (like myself dormant until that little ring slipped onto her finger!!) and DIY’ed her entire reception! I will be the first to admit the end result was WOW…and I’m so proud of her and all her hard work. I’m appreciating it all a world more as my own foray into DIY has given me a far broader understanding of what goes on behind the scenes!

We’re smart….we’re paying our venue to do the majority of the decorating as covered by our package. That is except for the few little touches of DIY that I’m doing….traditional with a zany twist.

I’ll post up some of the end results, along with some tutorials to perhaps inspire, encourage or terrify some other unsuspecting B2B down the track!

My main focus with our decorations is to have many of them re-used in decorating our home. So many of them are being set up with that in mind. I couldn’t bear to part with them all after our hours of close bonding and conversations.

This colour wheel has been my saving grace more times than I can count…yay for Pinterest!!

So….here’s to the start of a beautiful, sometimes anxious, adventure!