I’m a massive believer of sticking to my ‘skill set’ when it comes to doing big projects. In my attempt to gain all the experience I can prior to embarking on our own wedding invitations, I’ve extended my skill set to include using my new die cutter machine The Man has so generously purchased for me.

How hard can it be to ‘stack’ paper, include the embossing folder, and roll it through?

Actually, pretty simple once I made a call to my mother to confirm which way is up on the cutting mats…thank goodness she’s only a phone call/text message away.

And embossing?

Pretty much a cinch. Once I figured out what I can put through in regards to paper weight v card stock. I am now well versed in the type of paper I can pop through our machine at least. In regards to other makes and models, hmmm, I’ll get back to you on that.

But now the world of embossing my own paper has opened up to me…and the options are limitless!

I’ve just been playing around this evening…ahem, practicing, not playing…and am actually pretty chuffed with myself. Ok, I’ll really need to read up on how to embossing with a different medium included, as the picture shows I flunked that one. Lesson noted, to be attempted again after research.

All in all, I’m now more confident our wedding invitations will look as I’ve imagined, and be appropriate for our style. Time will tell.