I’ve been a bit on the quiet side for the past few days, mainly due to a slight storm that had us without power for a day, and a lot of fallen trees that needed to be cleared up. But, this week is a new week, and much is certainly happening.

Last week my mother gave me my Christmas/Birthday present rather early…I’ve now become an Independent Consultant with Kaszazz, and Australian Company focused on papercrafts; stamping, scrapping & embellishing. The main reason for me joining? Consultant discount so we’re saving even more $$$ making our wedding invitations and stationary. Simple really, but the possibilities are endless if I choose to take them.

My ‘kit’ arrived yesterday, and so did my first serious papercut while I was unpacking it all. OUCH!!! Wasn’t too bad till I decided to slice up some fresh pineapple to cook up with dinner. Trust me, raw pineapple juice in a papercut IS NOT FUN!!

Today, my first order arrived…including my new Envelope Punch Board. The options with that one tool are endless! Really looking forward to creating some interesting projects with that!

First order of business though are our invites. I made a ‘template’ up last night, and today I will make up the official template/mock up so next week when my friends are over to help get cracking, we’ve got a design to follow!

And having just shown The Man the cardstock we selected, and having his seal of approval, am glad we’re doing this ourselves. It’s certainly been a bonding experience.

And just before I threw together a card which will be used in the New Year for one of our many family occassions. I’m actually quite pleased with the end result. It’s not Kaszazz paper/card that I’ve used, but I did enjoy using my EzyPress with the Bow Die. And some of the stamps we picked up from K-Mart a few weeks ago.

Very exciting times ahead, that’s for sure. I’m actually starting to get excited about it all, even though our wedding is coming up sooner than I’m totally comfortable with. The countdown is skipping through the weeks faster than I thought possible. But we’re organised, so everything is going to be fantastic, and no stress involved. And now…now I’m off to open up my goodies and start creating.