Now the Tree is up, the lights are on, decorations abound and as of today, presents have started to appear beneath the glorious, black branches of our Tree. Yes, I did say black. A few years ago we had to replace our Tree due to some water damage to our older, more traditional Tree. So, being the awesome Aunt/Nanna that I am, I offered up for one of our Niece’s & our Granddaughter to pick the colour of our new Tree, as well as the deocrations that would be going on it that year. And for the past few years, different family members have chosen our colours…except for this year. But I transgress.

Last night, and this morning, saw me creating boxes to wrap the DIY Bath Gifts I made up a few weeks ago. The jars are a little tricky as they are a bit taller and have a slight bulge to the body. Plus I was a tad worried about the weight of them. But having been recommended a great site that helps you work out measurements, I was able to start making custom size boxes to fit the gifts on my Envelope Punch Board!! So, so happy!! (

It’s also a great way to use up those bits of card that I just haven’t found any other use for, to be honest. Win/win.

Today I managed to find some cute, affordable Christmas ribbon in one of our local cheapie shops (The Reject Shop). Their range was pretty extensive, and at $2.50 for a roll of imprinted ribbon, I was a happy little lady. The options open to me with these ribbons is mind blowing. The moment I walked in the door (The Man was still at work!) I cut off a strip of my Christmas Tree ribbon and coloured it in with my new Alcohol Ink Marker! Ta-da!! From white to a gorgeous rouge colour in minutes!

nearly ready to go under the Tree
nearly ready to go under the Tree

I have found by colouring in the ribbon it does stiffen up a little, which when wrapping boxes isn’t a bad thing in my ever so humble opinion.

So tonight, once I log off, I’m back to making up some more Christmas goodies. Oh and a Birthday Card for one of The Man’s co-workers we’re invading tomorrow. ‘Spose I should make them up a Christmas card as well while I’m at it. Ah I see a night filled with a few more papercuts ahead.