Merry Christmas!!

This year has been a big one for me and personal growth. Especially in the case of tapping into my Crafty Goddess side and turning out a few projects..and surprising myself in the process.

Over the past weekend I managed to create/finish The Man’s present, and box it up for wrapping just before he came home from work! Close call that one!

Today will see my Godson’s present finished off and waiting to take over on Christmas Day. If it’s anything like his yellow elephant, he’ll love this one regardless of it’s wonky eyes. Kids are brilliant when it comes to acceptance.

And once that’s done, that’s it!! My Christmas DIY will be done for another year!

Then the birthday presents and wedding DIY goes into overdrive. But I’ll give myself a few days off before that whirlwind starts. And it’ll start with The Man’s birthday present to match his Christmas one only days after seeing in 2015.

My Christmas Wish this year is for health, happiness and continued well being for all. _MG_3464

IMG_3460 (2)