Welcome 2015!

I can now officially say; “We’re getting married this year!” Oh wow.

That being said, I’ve actually had my hands full with a few wedding related projects over the past few weeks. I will share them with you before Valentine’s Day as I’m limited to my daily coping mechanisms. One of the projects should only take a weekend to complete, but due to other circumstances, I’ve had to do a little bit at a time and it is slowly coming along. The main thing is, I’m having a blast in the process.

So tonight I thought I’d share another wedding project from last year.

Again, Pinterest is the source of inspiration, and yes, I do spend a fair amount of time scrolling through the boards looking for ideas and inspiration. I call this my ‘Beaded Thong’ project, but considering some of our non-Australian friends consider ‘thongs’ as a type of feminine undergarment, I’ll rephrase this one to my “Beaded Flip-Flop” project.

The original inspiration

There are various ways to do this one, and all of them look fantastic. I choose to do these the way I have as I wanted something with a little bit extra support across the top of the foot…plus I’m a glutton for punishment and really loved (insert sarcasm) beading hundreds of little beads while pricking my fingers with the needle countless times. The end result though was well worth all the pricked fingers, spilled beads, mild eye strain and a few choice words thrown in for good measure.

My version

I do recommend using the hot glue gun to attach your ribbon to the plastic/rubber strapping. A small dollop will do the trick, plus seal any fraying on the ends of your ribbon. Each individual shoe took less than 2 hours to do, so 4 hours a pair. I’d do a little bit at a time so I didn’t get too frustrated, though more times than not I wouldn’t put the work down until I’d finished it. Again, glutton for punishment.

I’ll be wearing mine on my wedding day…still to decide if I’ll wear them down the aisle or just while we’re getting ready and during the reception. Will see how I feel on the day.

You’ll need:

Pair of rubber/plastic flip-flops/thongs

Spool of ribbon. I used approx. 1m each pair.

Waxed thread (for beading)

Selection of beads. Quantities will depend on the size of your beads, as well as how much you’d like to cover.  On my pair (pictured above) I used around 500 beads each flip-flop/thong.

Sewing needle (one that fits through your smallest bead is ideal)

Hot Glue Gun & glue stick.

How to:

1/ Using a small dop of hot glue, attach one end of your ribbon to the end of your strap. I did mine for the inside, but it’s totally up to you. Wind your ribbon to cover the entire strapping on your thong, including the ‘thong’ piece between the toes. Attach to opposite end of the strapping with hot glue.

2/ Weave/lace your ribbon evenly from the ‘thong’ toe divider to the distance you feel comfortable wearing across the top of your foot. Attach with hot glue or a few strong stitches. This area becomes your main beading platform.

3/ Start your beading in the centre of your ribbon platform and work outwards in any design you like. I found it easier to start from the middle after a few trials and error of other starting points.


4/ Work your beading up the straps to a spot of your choosing. Complete with a few more strong stitches.

5/ Wear and admire your work!! (Most important part!)