This weather has been perfect for me to get stuck into making up a portion of the cards we’ll need before the end of March. Wet but not cold, so sitting down is not as uncomfortable as it could be. Always a bonus!

I’ve been doing some more practicing with my AIAM’s over the weekend, and certainly getting more comfortable with the different techniques I can use to colour in. Actually managed to impress myself, which really isn’t THAT difficult, but still.

One of my most challenging, but surprisingly fave, is my Steampunk Inspired card. It started off with just one, but then I was encouraged to make up a set and submit it to Kaszazz as a potential workshop. Was a bit tricky trying to write up instructions for something that I did off the cuff so to speak. But I’m happy with the end result.

Over the weekend I’ve managed to make up a few different style of cards, a few birthday cards for the menfolk in The Clan, some more girly cards and a Get Well Soon card for a dear friend who isn’t behaving herself right now. Can’t really blame her though, crutches are a royal pain in the proverbial to use all the time.

Just because... Another nephew's card inside blokey birthday card Blokey birthday card Just Because Nephew's Birthday Card

These are some of the ones I’ve made up, with plenty more to follow. The ideas are just spewing forth from me. Ok, not the best mental image I know, but accurate just the same.

Today I’ll be able to get stuck in and get some more done…then I can focus on Valentine’s Day, Easter & Mother’s Day, oh and the birthdays from April till August. With our own wedding in between I really need to be super organised!!