In what’s been a topsy turvy week, I’ve managed to create two cards for upcoming birthdays, so now all my February birthdays are covered! There’s only one more for February to make, and that’s a Valentine’s Day card for The Man. But I’m still undecided on that one.

It’s all been done backwards, as originally I sat down the other night to begin my dear friend’s card, but inspiration just didn’t strike. Does that happen with you from time to time? I knew what I wanted to do, but I just sat there with everything laid out in front of me. Then I decided to do a ‘Bikini Bear’ as part of another card. And that’s where I ended that night.

So yesterday, getting slightly frustrated at having nothing in the creative bank, I scoured Pinterest for ideas. In case I haven’t said it before, I love Pinterest!!!

Within moments, as Gru would say “Light Bulb”!! (Despicable Me has sooo much to answer for!) In less than an hour, I was done. Classy, classic and clean, just like the wonderful lady who’ll be recieving it next week. Hence the near panic at not having anything originally happening!


I used my wonderful Ezy-Press Flower die to cut out the flowers in a range of colourful scraps, great way to use those little bits that are left overs. And after attacking a sheet of ‘bling’ numbers, I managed to attach a single rhinestone in the middle of each flower for some dimension. I try to make the most of the limited tools I currently have. My collection is expanding, little bits at a time.

Ok, the yellow flower isn’t aligned correctly, it kinda ‘slipped’ out of my fingers and stuck…fast. I do love using the Kaszazz range of products, so easy, and normally I celebrate my glues sticking so well…just not when flowers slip. I think it makes it unique. I’m in love with embossing too, in case a few of the new cards haven’t given that away.

The Man was very impressed when I showed him this afternoon. And I’m actually quite chuffed. My skill set is certainly climbing…according to Mother Dear I’m not giving myself enough credit. Ah ha, she did see my some of my first attempts at Rolled Roses. Apparently I’m too much of a perfectionist, and impatient. Well, I’ve always admitted to having no patience….lol. I’ll get there one of these days. Still having too much fun to really be upset with my sacrifices to the Craft Gods.