There would be an easier way to see if what I’m attempting can be done, though I wouldn’t have anywhere near as much fun doing it an easier way. So…this week I’m attempting to work out the best way to colour Baby’s Breath red for our aisle flowers.

First up, purchase two bunches of abovementioned flower from the Brisbane Markets….helps that it’s only a few minutes walk from my front door.

Secondly, clean vases! This was all decided on the spur of the moment to put some thoughts into deeds…hence I wasn’t entirely prepared to begin with. Eeeeek!!!!

Next, add a good amount of red food dye to one of the vases’ water supply. I’m after a vibrant red colour as the end result, so I was rather generous with the colour. Don’t forget to wash off any residue on your hands/fingers!

Follow up by ‘scoring’ the stem end of bunches…I used my trusty kitchen scissors and snipped up a small amount of the stem. Once ‘scored’ place bunch in coloured water….and wait.

Tomorrow I’ll attempt to spray paint the second bunch to see how I like the effect. My vision is to have alternate bunches of white and red Baby’s Breath lining our aisle, but that will of course depend on this little experiment. And if it turns out I’ll be painting flowers I’ll start feeling like a character in Alice in Wonderland painting the white roses red. It will be messy….so  I should have a blast!


Stay tuned for further photos and progress notes! 🙂