The past few weeks have been swallowed up, rather quickly, with wedding details. Our dining table is more of a craft table/wedding HQ than a table for us to eat on. Only a few more months, then hopefully some semblance of normal will return. Maybe.

I’ve taken a breather for the past few weeks, after getting all the invites out in the big, wide world I needed a little down time. Now it’s over, and I’m starting to plan out, and mock up, our Placecards, along with designing our Table Chart, Thank You cards and to continuing debate of to Program or not to Program.

I’ve been scouring Pinterest yet again for ideas, inspiration and any tutorials I can get my hands on. You’d think Placecards would be pretty straight forward and easy, well I did until the past week. I couldn’t have been more incorrect if I’d tried. It has been fun though, as I’ve played with glitter (yes, the house is wearing it well) stuck myself with glue more times than I can count, burnt my fingers while playing with the heat gun…..note the hot glue gun is still in hibernation, our peace treaty is still in effect.

The end result?

The Man & I have worked out what we like, how we want them to look and the budget. All boxes ticked!

Might need to stock up on some burn cream/powder while I think of it…heat gun and I are going to get very up close and personal.

mock up selection placecard mock up  #2 placecard mock up #1