I’m a huge fan of having fun and being messy when doing things, so the next few days are going to be heavenly for me. This week I’m focusing on the cake knife & server decorations as well as our seating chart.

I’ve been scouring Pinterest yet again for ideas and inspiration. The Man has also been scouring online for pictures of knife decorations in line with our style/taste. Bless his little cotton socks. The search had frustrated me, which is why The Man pitched in. But now we’re on the right track, and I can start putting everything into place. And thought I’d share some of the images that inspired us.

The seating chart was a world easier, and too many options that I love. To do this project up I’ve had to call an end to the truce I had with my Hot Glue Gun, and I’m already suffering for it. The price we pay…hehehe.

All this means this week will be messy!! Ink spraying for the cake knife & server, and a lot of cutting, gluing and blinging for the chart. Just as well I tidied up yesterday, fresh start for my latest mess.

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