I’m taking a mini break from wedding craft this week, and turning my attentions to more cards for our family and friends while I’ve got the chance to. I realised this morning how many birthdays along with other family celebrations are happening around the same time of our wedding. Which means….bye bye comfort zone!

I’ve been inspired by a few different projects on Pinterest & some of the cardmaking/scrapping groups on Facebook. To re-create, or to do my own intereptation of their awesome creations, my comfort zone has had to take a mini vacation. Mind you, finding super easy to follow tutorials also helps a heap!

I’ve managed to make up a plastic ‘clear’ card this week, a larger matchbox pop up card and a sunburst card in the last few days. And I’m pretty impressed with the end results…though not perfect, certainly better and easier than I imagined. Oh boy, my mother is going to have a field day when she reads this. We had this conversation earlier today. Oh well, by the time I see her she’d have forgotten this…..I hope! (One of the benefits of living a few States away!)

Now to review the diary and work out which cards I’ll be making for which special people…decisions, decisions, decsions.

Here’s the link to the tutorial for the sunburst card. Would love to see what you create yourself! http://buckeyeinklings.com/2014/07/21/starburst-hello/?hc_location=ufi

Earthy burst card Happy Birthday Matchbox Card Clear card