I’ve been a little quiet on the DIY front lately. Just needed to take a quick breather to come back fresh and fantastic…ok, fresh at least.

Our wedding is now just around the corner, and I’ve been getting stuck into table plans, photo lists, hair and make up trials. As well as my Hen’s Night thrown in for good measure just prior to Mother’s Day. May has been a huge month to say the least.

Next week I’m getting back into my sewing after a longer than desired hiatus. Looking forward to finishing off some projects too in the coming days/weeks.

This week has seen the creative genie let out of it’s bottle. There are a few birthdays coming up in the next week or two, as well as starting to design the Thank You cards for guests and those who have showered us with gifts. Am actually quite pleased with some of the results, others I’ll pop into the ‘Scrap Box’ and tackle them at a later date.

My big hiccup right now, and I hope someone can help me out on how to remedy this one; I’ve found a pattern for a dress I purchased last year to make up. Problem is, the smallest size on the pattern is nearly two sizes too large for me now!! Without butchering the pattern is there any way I can alter it to work for the smaller version of myself?

I know, the simple answer would be to purchase the pattern in the smaller sizes, but I’m being too cheap right now to do that. Serves me right? hahahaha…possibly.

Anyhoo…here are some of the cards I’ve been working on lately. I have also recently done another page up for The Man’s scrapbook I started oh, eight years ago? Not as comfortable doing pages anymore, but compared to the originals in his book, I’ve certainly grown in my skillset!

If you have any advice on my pattern hiccup, or would like to know more about the cards shown below, please leave me a message and I’ll be in touch! Would love to hear from you!


Scrapbook Page Dress Cut Out Thank You card Aiding and abetting IMG_5699 (2)