With only weeks to go prior to The Man making an honest woman out of me, things have been hectic. Meetings with vendors, hair trials, seating plans….yesterday it was time for my make up trial.

I’ve been vigilant in caring for my skin since I was 16…not always daily depending on how worn out/lazy I am at the time. My make up artist yesterday paid me the compliment of asking what I use as my skin is fantastic. I smiled politely, thinking ‘Yeah right, you’re just saying that…” and told her it’s homemade; my cleanser is a mix of Castor Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Today she’s emailed me asking for the recipe/site so she can start using it herself…and to share with her sister. Wow, talk about knock me over with a feather!! Ok, she was for real!!! Heck, my skin must actually be doing alright then! Why am I so surprised you ask? Because of the mixture of chemicals I take to manage my pain levels, which varies depending on the day and my Naughty Knees. Those chemicals aren’t exactly the most skin/hair/nail friendly products on the market by any stretch.

So….that got me thinking, while my little #DIYDiva was working on some technique cards…why not share the same info with you? Well? Why shouldn’t I?

There are a number of pages that I’ve been a regular visitor to over the past few months…some I’ve adored, others I’ve tried then steered clear of (wasn’t my cup of tea) others have just sent me packing right off the mark. The ones that I’ve used recipes from and become a convert to have saved me..ahem; I should say, have saved The Man: more money in the past few months than I could’ve hoped for! And it’s all pretty much natural and already in the home! BONUS!!

For my cleanser I’ve been doing the Oil Cleansing Method, at least nightly; or if that laziness strikes I’ll do it in the morning!! So easy, so affordable and oh soooo ahhhhhhh. I’ve swapped the Sunflower Seed Oil to Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which for me is working a treat! I do follow with a blend of Rose Hip Oil I did purchase from our local Chemist, and my moisturiser, only as I’ve still got some to use up and finish off, is a commercial brand. The secret with this is….a little goes a very, very long way!

For many of the other recipes for my hair treatments, facial masques and body scrubs I’ve found Real Beauty Spot to be my one stop research site. The options are endless…and again, affordable!

May I just stress here, budget doesn’t mean poor. I’ve had enough years in marketing and direct sales to understand that a budget is different for each and every one of us. But nearly all of us have a beauty budget that we stick to. And finding recipes, lotions and potions that help to stretch that budget for other items is well worth it in my case. And that is the only case I’m passing judgement on. To each their own. But heck, if I can save some extra $$$ with my skin/hair/beauty budget I may just be able to afford some Louboutin shoes before I’m 70! And that can’t be bad!

How’d my make up trial go you ask….see for yourself. I love it!!

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