Hmmm, if only I hadn’t told The Man just last week to shot me if I said in the near future that I needed more clothes. Can’t think of any existing shirts I could transform this way, but certainly worth keeping in mind for future reference. 😉


You’ll need a t-shirt ,1/2 yard of stretchy lace fabric, and an hour of your time. This is the t-shirt I’m working on. Look how sad she is  :

lace tshirt before diy

Measure and cut as below :

diy poncho

I started the pattern about an inch below the armhole because I didn’t want to sew with the sleeves’ seams getting in the way. After you cut out the lace pieces, French seam the sides together using zigzag stitches ( it’s really neater that way ). Then tube the lace over the t-shirt, fold the lace edges under and top stitch ( using the zigzag stitches )  all around. Tidy up the hems by cutting along the lace pattern to give it a scalloped hemline.

Here’s the after pic :

lace tshirt diy2

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