If anyone had told me this time last year that I’d already be creating Birthday and Anniversary Cards this year I’d have laughed at them…seriously, wet yourself laughing type of laugh. Yet here I am tonight with a number of Christmas, Birthday and even an Anniversary cards done for the next few months.

I blame The Man for today’s mammoth card sessions…he went to work this morning (yes, I know, it is Sunday) and had a longer than average shift…and I just kind of drifted towards the dining table, cluttered it up, loaded up my Pinterest Inspiration Folder on the laptop and the rest as they say, is history. It actually struck me early this morning that I haven’t sussed out my own Pinterest boards…*gasp*…I’ve been Pinning to them for awhile, but rarely actually look through for myself. And I amazed myself with my Pins/finds. If you’d like to have a gander at my ‘stash’ here’s the link; Being Crafty Pinterest Board

That said, today saw me cracking down and focusing on making some of these Pins a reality. I must say, I’m rather impressed with my own efforts, and yes, I do understand how vain/shallow/biased that really does sound. And I love it!!

With a number of family/friend birthdays from now till the end of 2015, 18 at last count, as well as a number of important Wedding Anniversaries PLUS Christmas, August is the time to really knuckle down and get stuck into everything. Today started with a beautiful, very easy Rainbow Butterfly card. Make that SUPER EASY!! Here’s the link to Two Paper Diva’s blog where I originally stumbled upon this stunning card. Birthday Wishes Butterfly Layer Card

And here is my version using the awesome Kaszazz products I have taking over our home.

Rainbow Butterfly Card Rainbow Butterfly Card

Have I mentioned just how SUPER, DOOPER EASY this card is to make?

Next it was onto yet another Being Crafty Pinterest Board project. Again with the butterflies. I love them, and I love the punch as it’s super easy to use. Especially for an Un-Co such as myself. This time I also got to incorporate my favourite colour. There are a number of distinct differences this time around though. Anyone feel like playing a ‘Spot the Difference’ game right about now? No? Ok, can’t blame you either. The Pin I ‘sponged’ this one from is the My Creative Corner Blog.  As I only have punches at this stage, I had a similar problem to Wanda, just in reverse. Which led to the differences in design elements. The Man claimed he liked my version more as it’s versatile…I’ll put that down to him being a VSH (Very Smart Hubby) personally, but I’ll take compliments where I can get them.

Here’s my version again using Kaszazz products. I’ve coloured in the rhinestones with my Sunflower Alcohol Ink Art Marker as well as used Magic Mount Double Sided Tape to add dimension.

Yellow Butterfly Trio Yellow Butterfly Trio Card

I can see where The Man (VSH) is coming from…with no sentiment on the outside you are free to make this card into anything you’d like. This little beauty will become a Birthday Card in the coming weeks as I already have a lucky ducky in mind for it.

Then it was onto one that I found far more challenging. I wasn’t too sure which paper scraps I was going to use up for this one. And then I did my measurements and coughed…oh heck, large card!! Which led me to the issue of cardstock to use. My usual supply of pre-cut, unfolded cardstock just wasn’t going to cut it. This next one was originally going to go on a Sage Green coloured card, but along the way (read after cutting and scoring and really not liking) I swapped it over for a deeper purple shade card. And by the time I’d finished, I was actually enjoying myself, and the card. It’s amazing the difference a change in background can do for a card!

The original post has gone walkabout from my board for some reason, but here is the photo I used today as inspiration…bright, fun and pretty dang cute!! If you happen to know from whence it came, please comment below so I can acknowledge the gorgeous designer. Thank You!!

Original Inspiration (sorry no link at this time)

And here’s my version after I swapped things around a few times, and then a few more times. I also added a few stamps that were FREEBIES with various Cardmaking magazines here in Australia over the past few months.

Details on Square Tile Card Square Tile Card

After a morning of using up scraps I honestly thought I was done for the day. Actually managed to be a Glam Domestic Goddess and cook up a decent, massive feed for The Man before putting him to bed for tonight’s shift. And then my brain went into overdrive!! Ideas were flowing left and right, my fingers were itching, and despite my knees giving me more grief than normal, the table and supplies beckoned. How could I refuse?

Which led me to re-creating this male card. I’ll need a few more of these in the coming months, so this is just the tip of the iceberg. The original post is from Washi Tape Crafts . Theirs is for Father’s Day, though I have adapted this one for a Birthday. Which reminds me, Father’s Day is just around the corner!! More ideas for that one in another post…soon!!

Monochrome Washi Tape Card

I’ve made this one as a monochromatic card, with chevrons and faces. Apparently mono and chevrons are all the rage for now, so I’d say I’m set with this one. Might need to make another couple up to make sure I’m in the clear. Again, SUPER, DOOPER EASY to make, and I’m sure younger ones would love to make some up for Dad too. But more on that later! Oh, and how could I forget, the HAPPY BIRTHDAY is done with the new White Embossing Powder from Kaszazz.

Which brings me to the final card for today/tonight. Some very dear friends of mine celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary next month, and as so often happens, I’ve been puzzling over what to create for them. During the week the Universe answered this one for me when I found, hiding, in a book some of their original wedding photos. Solution…I’ll make them up an beautiful frame to highlight one of their photos…something to compliment the card I made tonight for them. Again, SUPER EASY though a little fiddly. I’ve embossed some Shimmer Paper with the Damask Embossing Folder, folded it over a strip of blue cardstock, then using the Black Embossing Powder and my Ranger Perfect Medium Bullet Pen added a MR & MRS on another strip of blue cardstock to add to the bottom of the embossed ‘towels’.

10 Years Card Details on 10 Year Card

This design isn’t an original of mine. I found a link online awhile ago, which is no longer available sadly, and thought how gorgeous and what a great idea for any number of occassions (read Engagement, Wedding or Anniversary). The photo below is of the original which is saved on my laptop. Just too adorable and cute to not share or re-create.

Original Couples Towel Card

I’ve loved making these all up today, and hope to be able to share more with you in the coming weeks. If you happen to have any favourite inspiration blogs you’d like to share, please comment below. Now I’ll have to resume trolling Pinterest for Father’s Day Card ideas!