It continues to amaze me how far things can change in such a short period of time. It wasn’t that long ago, ten months give or take a week, that my Mother and I were discussing at my Gran’s how to make our wedding invites within my limited skill set. I was of the rather firm opinion that she had a little too much (biased) faith in my skills…more than I did at least. Die Cut Flowers

Well, I can say with some confidence, Mum was right.

Wedding invites done and dusted, some more wedding related stationary done and dusted, a number of birthday/anniversary/Christmas cards later and I was discussing only yesterday with Mum again how my largest issue with scrapping is pages. Yes, pages. I have very little patience/skill in them. Don’t get me wrong, love looking at them, and can imagine any number of designs in my head, but when it comes down to the act of putting it together….d’oh!!! Thankfully Mum came to the rescue, and again with her (biased) faith in my abilities…sorry I’ll stop cracking up laughing in a moment…she pointed me in the right direction and today VIOLA!!!

After perusing Pinterest to the end of my world…saving, pinning and gobbling up image after image of Scrap Maps, I finally took the plunge. Probably helped a heap that I had some pictures printed today for this particular purpose. But the Maps were a godsend!! Seriously, if you’re interested in scrapping, yet like myself rather blugh when it comes down to it…map it!!! Plenty of inspiration, actually like anything on Pinterest there’s tonnes of inspiration. It’s then a matter of working out what you can/can’t do…YET!!

Mum’s going to send me a project that she claims is a little on the tricky side of things, but apparently I will be able to knock it over easily enough…a-ha, we’ll see and reserve judgement shall we?

This is the final inspiration I went with today…which you can find at

Scrapbook Inspiration

First challenge to meet was to Kaszazz it to suit my stock and my loyalty. That was reasonably easy to be honest. I’ve used my Small Flower Die with a range of cardstock & papers from our last release in May, as well as spraying some with what was to be the last little bit of my Dylusions Ink Spray (thank goodness I can re-order more before the end of the month!!) for some added colour. All the pictures I’d printed were in Black & White so there wouldn’t be any colour clashing going on. So it was just a matter of matching up colours for the flowers to match the backing frames for the photos.

Butterfly & Flowers

I kept to the rule of “Odds over Evens” in setting out my flowers. It still amazes me how true it is…the eye finds objects in odd numbers more appealing, for the most part. Who am I to argue. And because I adore butterflies, I snuck one in there. It had to be done.

All these pics are from my Hen’s Night back in May. My gorgeous Invisible Bridesmaid organised my surprise transport, and apart from not being able to share it with Mum, it was perfect!!! My Matron of Honour jumped in with me instead; funny story attached, but that’s for another time, and another audience entirely.

Hen's Night Page

When all is said and done, yes I am happy enough with this Page. It is the first of many, I’ve printed out more photos today to keep the buzz alive; so shall be interesting to see how I go. I’m still shuddering at the pages I made up for The Man eight years ago…almost ashamed of them now, but he still loves them because I made them…time to start showcasing what I can do now?