Today was a Public Holiday around here, yet I still managed to be surprised by a delivery of goodies being dropped off early this morning. Unexpected to say the least, let alone hours earlier than usual. Great start to any day.

And it wasn’t just me getting deliveries today…our Thank You cards have been delivered for the most part to our family and friends around the country. YAY!! Which means I can now share them with everyone else.  Powder Embossing for the ‘Thank You’, embossed butterfly punched out and more red ribbon. They would’ve been sent earlier, but sadly we had a loss in the family around the same time; I’m old fashioned enough to not send out Sympathy cards with Thank You cards.

Thank You Cards ready to go Wedding Thank You Cards

Plus…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mummy-In-Law…her Sparkling Rainbow Butterfly card arrived today just in time.

Rainbow Butterfly Card

Back to today’s goodies though. Another box of supplies from the lovely Team at Kaszazz Head Office. Many of these were ordered specifically for two different Christmas Card projects I wanted to copy and try my hand at. Kaszazz has a huge variety of projects on offer with instructions on how to re-create some amazing cards, scrap pages and other wonderful items out of paper. Last week I picked two to challenge myself with, today I was able to make it happen, Public Holiday or no.

The first set was fantastic!! Had a blast making them with the Flourish Stamp, NOEL stamp, punching and magic mounting…and well within my skillset!! BONUS!!! Love this workshop; one little challenge was the 3D Tree on one of the stamps, but I think my interpretation works. To each their own right?

Kaszazz Card Workshop Flourish Christmas Cards3D Christmas Tree Card

The second set was more tricky. It wasn’t until I was half way through the second card I noticed the skillset on the instructions…Beyond Beginner. Lightbulb moment…it was trickier as it was way out of my comfort zone; way, way galaxy far out of my zone!!

I think I managed to pull it off though by the end of it. A few little points of note…my current fingernail length isn’t a blessing when tying ribbons 10cm long into knots; it’s a hinderance more than anything. Oh and matting and I rarely see eye to eye…unlike the instructions I ended up cutting my matting for the next layer prior to sticking anything to it. For me this was easier. Otherwise, not as easy for myself as the first set, but quite chuffed I managed to complete them all without any looking ready for the reject pile.

Kaszazz Card Workshop Whimsical Christmas Cards

Both of these sets are part of the Cardmaking Workshops run by Kaszazz Independent Consultants across Australia. Looking forward to the day when I can run some myself…not too far but far enough. In the meantime,  I have to tackle more Birthday Cards over the next couple of days. Not sure yet if today’s cards are going out to some special people for Christmas or keep them for my own portfolio to show potential Hostesses down the track. Time will tell…will certainly be making more before too much longer.