I love making cards up for kids. I can let my inner Crafty Diva loose with bright, fun shapes, colours and designs.

Bright & fun dragonfly

And through October & November we have a number of birthdays for the younger family members. Sometimes coming up with new ideas isn’t as easy as it seems, so I’m thankful for Pinterest.

One of the creations I found was for a fold out Castle card…so after doing a mock up/dummy run, I decided to stretch the comfort zone, use some of the stash our cousin had passed to me and make not one, but two Castle Cards for twins turning 2. The link to the instructions is here.

Twin Castle Cards

Was tricky, and fiddly, but I was quite happy with the end result. As I didn’t want their older sister feeling left out (twins birthday was days before parent’s wedding anniversary) I stretched the comfort zone again and made my first Shaker Card. I’d been wanting to do one for awhile, but hadn’t been able to find any tutorials that I could get my head around. That is until a Card Group on Facebook pointed me in the right direction. Instructions if you’re in the same boat as myself can be found here.

Close up of details on Shaker Card Shaker Card

Next week will see four young ones celebrating birthdays. Two on the same day, though they were born two States apart, two hours apart. Two days later my great niece then a day later my Godson.

Froggie Card started

Certainly been busy making up all the cards, and I still need to finish one off!! Plus finish off the dollshouse for our niece.

As the saying goes, no rest for the wicked.